Massimo MB200 - Specs and Mods (Complete Guide) (2024)

Thinking about getting a new Minibike? They have been around for a long time, but there are still some who believe that minibike is made for kids. In reality, you’ll be able to find Adult drivers on a minibike just as commonly as a kid.

Massimo Motor Sports is the most popular Minibike manufacturer alongside the Chinese-manufactured Coleman Minibikes. The MB200 from Massimo is a very similar minibike to the Baja Warrior MB200.

If you’re old enough to have driven the Baja warrior mini bike in the past, you can expect a very similar minibike just from a different brand. Baja mini bikes have been discontinued. Currently, the most popular alternative to Massimo MB200 is, Coleman CT200U-EX and Trailmaster MB200.

Table Of Contents

  1. Aesthetics and Colors
    • Dimensions
    • Engine
    • Transmission/Final Drive
  2. Where can you buy a Massimo MB200?
  3. Is the Massimo mini bike street legal?
  4. What is the top speed of a Massimo MB200?
  5. Modifications – How to make Massimo MB200 Faster
    • Torque Converter
    • 30 Series Torque Converter/ TAV2
      • How to Install a Torque Converter on the Massimo MB200?
    • Governor Removal
    • Stage 1 Kit
      • OMBWarehouse Stage 1 Kit
    • Stage 2 Kit
      • OMBWarehouse's Stage 2 Kit
    • Other Modifications for Performance
  6. Conclusion

Aesthetics and Colors

A minibike should look cool to go along with the performance (at least in our opinion). Aesthetically these mini bikes are very pleasing (you can decide for yourself!).

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They are available in 5 colors, Black, Red, Camo, Quicksand, and Silver. All the colors are available if you buy directly from Massimo’s website and Walmart, the ones available on Amazon have Camo color.


Seat Height24″
Ground Clearance8″
Dry Weight152 lbs
Maximum Weight Limit200 lbs

Massimo MB200 Specs & Features

Looks and Colors are important and all, but to judge a mini bike correctly, we need to know the specs!


Massimo MB200 uses a Honda GX200’s clone engine. As is the case with most minibikes. The engine produces 6.5 hp power and has 196cc displacement.

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Engine Type4-Stroke, Over Head Valve and Single Cylinder
CarburetorEPA approved Carburetor, .028″ main and .016″ pilot jet
Engine CoolingAir cooling
Engine FuelGasoline with an octane level of 87, < 10% ethanol, or < 5% methanol; E15/E20/E85 fuels are prohibited
Fuel Capacity.82 Gallons
Bore x Stroke Ratio68×54 mm (2.68×2.13 in)
Valve Clearance (Int/Ex)0.10 ± 0.15 mm / 0.15 ± 0.20 mm
Compression Ratio8.5:1
Displacement196cm³ / 11.96in³
Horsepower6.5 hp
Rated Torque8.11 ft-lb @ 2,500 RPM
Top Speed25 mph – advertised (may vary depending on the Weight of the Driver)

A very fair comparison for this engine will be the Predator 212 just with 16cc less displacement. The engine is governor restricted to 3600 rpm.

The engine can be heavily modified since they have been around for a while(more about modifications later in the article). It can be completely replaced too with a better performance engine like Tillotson 212 or Ducar 212.

Transmission/Final Drive

Massimo mb200 uses a centrifugal clutch as the transmission system. A centrifugal clutch engages and disengages automatically only depending on the Engine’s rpm. Gearing is fixed to 10:1 from the factory, it can be changed by changing the sprockets.

ClutchCentrifugal Clutch
Sprocket20T front sprocket, 50T rear sprocket
Gear Ratio10:1

The Clutch will need proper maintenance (cleaning and lubrication) after every 5 hours of use. 30W motor oil is the recommended oil for lubrication. No lubrication for a long time can cause the clutch to jam and not disengage, which will cause your mini bike to move as soon as you start.

There is alternative Transmission systems available for the Massimo minibike such as Torque Converter/ CVT.

Tires & Brakes

Massimo MB-200 uses 19″x7-8″ tires for both front and back wheels. It can be replaced with the Kenda Pathfinder K530 ATV tires for a better experience in off-road trails.

The brake system used are drum brakes. Brake shoes might need replacement from time to time if they get worn out. That is one downside of the drum brakes.

Where can you buy a Massimo MB200?

There are several options to buy this minibike online, at the time of writing this article, this bike is available on Amazon, Walmart, Massimo’s Website, and Costco. The cheapest one in Costco for $899. We suggest you go through all the websites and look for the cheapest option.

Is the Massimo mini bike street legal?

Massimo MB200, just like all other mini bikes are illegal to drive on sidewalks and public roads in most States. You can drive them in privately owned land (with permission of the landowner) and off-road parks or trails.

Can it be made street legal? These bikes are very small and can be missed by other drivers, which is the main reason for it being illegal. However, there are a few steps you can take to try and register your Massimo Minibike.

  • Put on Rearview Mirrors
  • Install indicator lights for both left and right side
  • Install a Horn
  • Make an Insurance Policy
  • Try and register your bike

What is the top speed of a Massimo MB200?

The top speed of an MB200 in its factory version is advertised to be 25 mph. In reality, the top speed is heavily dependent on the weight of the driver. You can expect the top speed to be between 20-25 mph.

Modifications – How to make Massimo MB200 Faster

Who doesn’t want to add a few extra miles, am I right? Careful though! If your mini bike is for children, it’s best to leave it like it is. But for adults and teens who are looking for a little more fun, here are the few things you can do.

Torque Converter

Swapping out the centrifugal clutch transmission system for a torque converter is our favorite modification. For most of you, this is the only change you need to make. It will add 10-15 mph to the current top speed of the minibike without affecting the low-end torque needed for the 19″ tires.

It can also come in handy for hill-climbing, especially if you’re on the heavy side of the weight spectrum. A CVT will provide the minibike with a lot of torque at low rpm, making it easy to take off and drive up on the slope.

Massimo MB200 - Specs and Mods (Complete Guide) (3)
Massimo MB200 - Specs and Mods (Complete Guide) (4)

30 Series Torque Converter/ TAV2

2 x Pulleys (1 driver and 1 driven)
1 Belt
Sprockets for Jackshaft

How to Install a Torque Converter on the Massimo MB200?

The Engine shaft in the Massimo MB200 is not the same as predator or other Honda Clones, installing the Torque Converter will require some (simple) grinding work and a Dorman 611-107.1 Lugnut (Amazon Link).

The Crankshaft of this mini bike is externally threaded, it will look somewhat like this:

Massimo MB200 - Specs and Mods (Complete Guide) (5)

This external threading means, you won’t be able to put on the driver pulley of the torque converter unless you use a Lugnut (mentioned above).

You’ll also need to use a Dremel to grind the internal key of the driver pulley’s slider so that it fits well with the Lugnet and some machining work will also be required on the mounting plate of the CVT.

Overall, it might seem like too much work, but it is well worth the effort. Torque Converters are a huge upgrade from Clutches for any minibike and as said earlier, for most people’s needs, it is the only upgrade that is needed.

Governor Removal

The Engine has a speed governor that limits the engine from making more than 3600 rpm, the governor can be removed, which will give the engine the ability to make near 5000 rpm, making it nearly 1.5 times faster than before.

Note: We strongly recommend replacing your stock flywheel and connecting rod with a billet flywheel and a billet rod. Even though many people run their Minibike without a governor on a stock engine, the internals is not good enough to withstand high RPM for a long duration.

Stage 1 Kit

Stage 1 kit comes with a better air intake and exhaust which will allow better air circulation.

The kit also includes a larger main-jet (0.36 and 0.37), a bored-out emulsion tube that will help the carburetor to take in more fuel, an 8-degree advanced timing key, and an 18 lb Valve spring.

Note: Once the valve springs are upgraded to 18 lb or more and the governor is removed, it’s absolutely necessary to upgrade the flywheel and connecting rod. If you do not want to buy it, do not change the valve spring or do not remove the governor.

Overall, this kit will give you a nice boost in power without extensive modifications, you can expect 3-4 hp increase in power. The only downside is that your minibike will make a lot of noise due to the new exhaust pipe.

Massimo MB200 - Specs and Mods (Complete Guide) (6)
Massimo MB200 - Specs and Mods (Complete Guide) (7)

OMBWarehouse Stage 1 Kit

1 Exhaust Pipe
1 Air Filter
Larger Non-EPA main jet
8-degree advanced timing key
0.36 and 0.37 main jet
Bored out Emulsion tube

Stage 2 Kit

Stage 2 kit has everything from stage 1 + a Non-EPA style carburetor.

We recommend getting a Mikuni VM22 knock-off carburetor and the stage 1 kit instead of buying a stage 2.

Massimo MB200 - Specs and Mods (Complete Guide) (8)

OMBWarehouse’s Stage 2 Kit

Everything from Stage 1 Kit +
Non-EPA style Carb

Other Modifications for Performance

Here are some more mods that can be made:

  • Valve Springs Heavier than 18 lb
  • Cams with even higher lift and longer duration
  • Porting for better airflow
  • longer connecting rods for more compression
  • Bigger rocker ratio

All these modifications are for the stock engine, which is perfectly fine engine, but if you want to take your mini bike to its maximum potential you’ll need a better engine, there are minibike engines available in the market such as the Tillotson and Ducar 212, which are made specifically for racing purposes.

Please Note: You’ll probably never need to go to such high speeds. It can be extremely dangerous. If this is your first mini bike, we highly recommend just installing a Torque converter. That is more than enough.

Once you’re comfortable with a CVT and still want more speed, then you should move on to other modifications.


Massimo MB200 is a solid competitor for Coleman CT200U-EX, Tailsmaster MB200, and other mini bikes of a similar category. It’s available in different colors and looks similar to the classic Baja Warrior MB200.

It comes with a Honda GX200 clone engine and produces 6.5 hp power from it’s factory condition, uses a clutch and jackshaft as a transmission system with a gear ratio of 10:1. The top speed is advertised as 25 mph but in reality, it would be fair to expect a few mph lower.

It can be heavily modified to go nearly 2-3 times it’s initial speed. The only major con about these mini bikes is that their engines come with external threading in the shaft making it hard to install a Torque Converter (which can still be done after some machine work)

Massimo MB200 - Specs and Mods (Complete Guide) (2024)


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